Dear Underestimated Child, Keep Proving Me Wrong

dance picture


As a parent we are supposed to be non-biased and love all of our kids equally right? You know treat them the same, give them the same, all that jazz. Well here’s the thing, we are all human and try as we might we can’t treat every kid the same and for the most part I think that is a good thing. What is right for one child is not right for the other, I think each child needs to be assessed and treated like the individual they are. This is how I try to raise my kids, we have a saying in our house

“Fair doesn’t mean equal”

That  being said there is one pitfall that I am constantly battling and that is underestimating my child. I have one daughter in particular who I always underestimate. Maybe it’s the fact that her birthday is one of those cutoff ones that could go either way and I always tend to think she is not ready for things. Maybe it’s because she is physically tiny or maybe it is my residual guilt from my health issues when she was a baby. OR maybe it’s my own inability to let her go and grow and maybe it’s all of these combined, but she always is ready even when I am not.


When it came time to sign her up for dance I was sure she was not ready for the class that did an on stage recital,  I thought she still needed the play movement class. At the recital she flawlessly did both her dances and was even the leader in one…


When it came time to decide on whether or not to send her to Kindergarten I was sure she was not ready even though she had proven me wrong repeatedly over the last year. Thank goodness my husband sees her true ability even before I do. When I agreed she should go I was stressed for weeks, I have never ever stressed about a kid going to Kindergarten before! And guess what… she is doing great.


Whatever the reason I just keep underestimating her and she just keeps proving me wrong. Thank goodness for that! While I never tell her she isn’t ready I secretly fear it in my heart. I hope that as a mom I can get past this and help her succeed in life, not hold her back.


So to my daughter who I constantly underestimate, I am sorry, so very, very sorry if I have held you back. I am sorry if you felt like I did not believe in you and I am so glad God gave you the spunk and determination to prove me wrong over and over again, because I really do believe in you and I know you can conquer the world if you set your mind on it!

Furniture Delivered to Your Door from Sauder

I love finding ways to make my life easier and more convenient and if I can order what I need online and have it delivered to my home, well that is a life saver. Recently we did some bedroom switching and now have our three oldest girls in a room together and needed a big bookcase, one that allows each of them to have their own shelves but does not take up a lot of room.

I spent a lot of time browsing the Sauder website and had multiple pieces of furniture that I was considering. One of the things I really love about the Sauder website is that it shows the pieces of furniture styled in a room making it so much easier to see the true style and potential of the pieces.

We decided that tall was our best choice as it took up the least floor space and we wanted the bookcase to fit in between the two windows in my girls room. The Sauder Tall Bookcase from the Barrister Lane Collection was exactly what I wanted and at $209.99 the price was perfect. We measured the space between the windows and thankfully it was perfect so I ordered it and waited.

Sauder is Ohio based which meant my bookcase came really fast. Unfortunately my bookcase arrived with some broken pieces. This was something that worried me having such a heavy piece shipped, but it ended up not being a big deal. I spoke with a Sauder customer service representative and getting the replacement parts was so simple, plus they came in two days. Even with my piece coming broken I would definitely order from Sauder again.

sauder tall bookcase

I love how the bookcase looks and so do my girls, they each have plenty of room on their shelf and now they have a special place to put treasured possessions. The bookcase is sturdy and good quality and I am nothing but pleased!

sauder bookcase collage

Have you ever ordered furniture online before? If not would you consider it as an option?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

Having 5 Kids is Making Me Dream of RV’s Because It’s Just Too Hard Otherwise

clear lake boat pic

It’s funny, I never really thought about my family as being “too big” or really all that controversial. I make my choices and you make yours, I chose many kids you chose a few… end of story. I always heard people joke about it being a small family world not set up for big families like mine, but I never really felt it until this summer. This past summer while on vacation I suddenly felt like we were too big, too big to enjoy things others enjoy, too big to fit in and definitely too big to do normal things. Maybe it was just that I subconsciously avoided situations that could not accommodate us well thus avoiding this before but it took going on vacation with all 7 of us for me to finally feel too big. Let me tell you vacationing as a big family is hard, like really hard.

Suddenly I understood how people felt when they stuck out like a sore thumb. Suddenly I realized why some of my friends with bigger families said “that’s not an option for a family like ours” I just always thought they were being a bit dramatic. But here’s the deal most things anywhere you go are set up for 4 people with a max of 6, but you see we have 7. Even though my kids are young and small they still need a seat, need a ticket or take up space and I am starting to realize things are changing for us.

When we bought the bigger car I didn’t feel too forced, I mean many people with only 2 kids drive the same car I do by choice. As for restaurants they have a way to accommodate larger groups it just so happens my lager group is my immediate family. No it was family destination travel that broke me, it was the tiny hotel room. This summer was the first time that all of us in one hotel room was insane, like this has to be a fire hazard insane. My kids are young and small and it wasn’t the amount of sleeping space it was the amount of being space. Two days into our trip it hit me, we can no longer stay at places that only offers standard hotel rooms, we must have a suite. Someday we can return to these places when I am comfortable with 2 adjoining rooms, but not for a long time. We have been fortunate enough to rent houses with extended family on many vacations so we have not really done many single hotel rooms before and this was the first time since becoming a family of 7. I even spoke with a friend who writes a popular online family magazine,s he told me she planned on dong a piece on vacation places that are good for bigger families, she scrapped the article when she found none.

My husband and I came home from that trip a bit shell shocked, it was an awful trip for us. And that was the first time I took him seriously when he said some day we should rent an RV and travel. Years ago he said that and I laughed at him, I mean laughed out loud and said yeah right. Now it sounds luxurious and spacious and guess what. my friend with 6 kids bought a pop up camper this summer and was raving about it. I of course asked to rent it from her!

Of all the things having a large family has changed for me I never thought it would lead me towards dreaming of a shiny new RV…

How to Teach Good Study Habits to Kids

good study habits


It amazes me how much school has changed since I graduated, kids are now reading before Kindergarten where as I distinctly remember learning in first grade. Standardized testing begins in 2nd grade some places and kids are asked to learn more, do more and remember more than ever. Establishing good study habits from a young age is key and will help to set your kids up for success as they navigate middle school, high school and even college.

My husband and I had very different study habits in college, mine were fine tuned after years of good studying and his were a mess from never really learning to study and he ended up having to learn in college, not a good time to start. In this digital age it can seem foreign to some people to do things like make flash cards, but these old school habits can really help in the long run.

From a very young age teach your kids to seek out a place for homework that is conducive to learning, a place that is free of distractions (aka no TV or iPad running in the background). Help your child to gather the needed supplies for homework in this area to avoid interruptions as they seek out supplies. As your child learns different techniques help them to establish which seem to work well for them. I know that for me actually writing out information helps commit it to my memory better so I write out my notes, no typing, and then I hand write flash cards. Other people do well when they read aloud and still others when they listen. With all the recording devices we have now you can read aloud and record it to listen to later. Forming partnerships and study groups is another great way to learn information. When your child is young you be the study partner and then as they get older help them to find friends who will help them learn in a group dynamic. Peer pressure can be really powerful, this summer we formed a book club to help my daughter work on her reading comprehension so that she is better prepared to discuss the books she reads in school.  And finally time management is a key factor for studying and here are some great tips for teaching time management to kids.

If your child practices these ideas from a very young age they will have great study habits established when school gets really hard as they get older.

Don’t Wait for the Truck, Have Ice Cream Any Time! #IceCreamRun

The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
walgreens ice cream


We love, love, love frozen treats at our house, so much so that my kids even created a club called the Popsicle Club! My kids enjoy Popsicle’s pretty much every day and I often join them too, although my favorite is Frutare strawberry! My husband is the true ice cream lover, give him a bowl of Breyers natural vanilla ice cream and he is happy as can be, all this talk of frozen treats is making me hungry. Lucky for me the closest store to my house is a Walgreens and they carry a wide variety of Unilever brand frozen treats that means Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle are just a few blocks away when we need to restock.


popsicle club


The other night the kids inducted a new member into the Popsicle club and we celebrated with Popsicles and ice cream after a quick run to Walgreens for all that we needed. No need to wait for the ice cream truck to come around and spend a lot more money and end up with less treats when we can just pop over to Walgreens and find all that we need for an ice cream party.


UNI_WAG_IceCreamScale_Asset2[5][1] Did you realize Walgreens carried so many great frozen treats?

Wonka Peel-a-Pop Playdate! Let’s Unpeel Fun!

The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
wonka peel a pop playdate




wonka peel a pop banana

We love frozen treats at our house, that is what makes summer summer right? Frozen treats shared with friends is even better so we got together with some friends to celebrate summer and enjoy a new frozen treat Wonka Peel-a-Pop. These fun new treats literally peel open like a banana to reveal a yummy creamy vanilla center with a chewy peel in either grape or vanilla flavor.


wonka cupcakes


wonka cupcake decorating



At our play date we had pizza then decorated cupcakes with all kinds of delicious Wonka candy, the kids really liked that. After consuming lots and lots of sugar I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt in the back yard to find the Golden Ticket. As you can see the kids loved searching for the Golden Ticket and as a prize everyone got a Wonka candy flavored lipgloss!


scavenger hunt

wonka golden ticket


peel a pop dipped in nerds


Finally we got to the best part of our playdate, trying out new Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen treats. The kids loved how you eat them… first bite off the top, then peel the sides down like a banana, then enjoy! One little girl even dipped hers in nerds! True to the spirit of Willy Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen treats are magical and delicious right out of Willy Wonka’s factory! Find both flavors of Wonka Peel-a-Pops, Banana Vanilla and Grape Vanilla, at your local grocery store or Target.

A Letter to my Daughters: Wait For The Love of Your Life

love of your life


My dear sweet girls hold out for the love of your life, don’t settle for just love.

I have seen it over and over again, people who got married because they were in love with the person and after awhile marriage was the next step. Let me tell you a little secret, you will love many people in your life and you will experience all kinds and types of love, and they all have a place but marriage should be reserved for the love of your life.

I was one of the lucky ones, really and truly I was, because I met the love of my life at 17. I did not know it then but as I look back I am so grateful that I met my husband so young in life. I have had 15 years with this man and I look forward to many, many more because he truly is the love of my life. I never had to make the heart-wrenching decision to end a relationship with someone I loved because while there was nothing majorly wrong,  there was nothing amazingly right. I know those who have and I have held the hands of friends and dried tears only to one day celebrate with them when they found the love of their life.

I knew your dad was the love of my life when I realized I could not stand the idea of a life without him, not because I was so used to him in my life but because I knew that the ache of missing him would never go away.

I knew he was the love of my life because he made me want to be a better person in all areas of my life.

I knew he was the love of my life because he challenged me to be my best and cared enough to help me learn and grow.

Your father and I work as a team because we both put the other person first not out of obligation or a sense of martyrdom but out of love.

Love is a choice, love is a choice, love is a choice. That is something you must never forget.  When rough times come, and they will, loving your husband will be a choice that you make not a feeling you have. And in that moment when you choose to love it will be that much easier to do when you are married to the love of your life. My world is more beautiful because of his love and that is what I wish for you. I know our marriage will last because we are honest and open and truly, madly and deeply in love. We share common faith, values and goals and are working to get there as one.

There will come a day when you first feel like you are in love and it will not be true and real and lasting and your heart might break, but I will be here. And then when the day comes that you find the love of your life I will rejoice with you, I just hope and pray you are brave enough to hold out for the love of your life.

Because that is my wish for you, a love that rivals the one that I enjoy every day coming from the man I am lucky enough to call my husband.


Giving Back with School Supplies at Target plus a Target $300 Giftcard Giveaway

I was provided a gift card to shop for back to school supplies, all opinions are my own.
target school supplies

I am a weekly Target shopper, I find myself driving towards that red bullseye like a moth to a flame so of course I picked up a few more Back to School supplies for my kid’s during my latest shopping trip. My kids not only need traditional school supplies but they also need things like tissues, paper towels and disinfecting wipes, all of which I can find at Target.

This year Target has two awesome opportunities for stocking up on school supplies while giving back to those in need. The first involves Target Up&Up school supplies. For every select up&up school supply purchased at Target stores from July 13 through August 2, Target will donate one school supply item to a student in need, potentially impacting nearly two million kids this back-to-school season by donating up to $25 million in school supplies. All of the products will be donated to the Kids in Need Foundation, who will distribute the products to schools across the country before the new school year.

yoobi school supplies at target

yoobi supplies


Another great opportunity involves the fun and colorful brand Yoobi. The Yoobi collection is available in Target stores and on and features a colorful range of products, including folders, notebooks, pens, and rulers, all for less than $10. Yoobi’s “One for You, One for Me” mission means that for every Yoobi product purchased at Target, Yoobi contributes a product to a Yoobi Classroom Pack that will be distributed to K-3 classrooms in the U.S. through the Kids In Need Foundation. I stocked up on some fun Yoobi products for at home as well as some up&up products for crafting and homework.


target matching backpack


Target has a really great collection of matching themed backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles and the water bottle is Camelbak my all time favorite water bottle YAY! Everyone in our house has a Camelbak water bottle purchased at Target over the years and we added a few new ones in fun prints including this adorable purple fox water bottle to match my daughters backpack and lunch box, perfect for pre-k!

target camelbak matcing waterbottles

As you can see Target has some really great stuff this year to help you get your kids and your home ready for back to school. Inspired by some of the organization and dorm room options we are turning my husband’s office into a study room for our girls complete with a new futon for reading and lounging. I am so excited to start this school year off on the right foot thanks to Target!

WIN IT: One lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom reader will win a Target $300 gift card to get prepared for back to school! Enter in the form below.

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Tips to Avoid Summer Slide and Keep Kids Reading

tips to avoid summer slide


It’s summer and the vast majority of kids are not thrilled to sit down and read daily during summer vacation. My oldest is going into 3rd grade and while she never fought me on reading during the school year she suddenly would rather do anything else than read. And if I can get her to sit down with books she only wants to read books that are below her reading level, nothing challenging. This summer I was determined not to be fighting battles about reading all summer long, been there, done that and NOT going back.

So I started thinking about ways to motivate my daughter and I realized if her friends were involved I would have more success. So started researching recommended books for 3rd graders and after choosing 3 books I reached out to the other moms in my daughters class about a book club. I got a resounding Yes back from the other moms so a book club was formed. The majority of us belong to the same pool and on Thursday nights guests are $1 so we planned our 3 meetings for Thursday evenings at the pool. Once the book is finished we meet and discuss the book poolside, and when we are done the girls enjoy a fun evening of swimming with friends.

Our first book was Pippi Longstocking and my daughter loved this book. I had her read daily for 30 minutes until she was done and the motivation of discussing it with her friends really worked in my favor. Our first book discussion was this past week and it went really well. The girls were enthusiastic and almost all of them had read the whole book. Now we are on to James and the Giant Peach and we will finish the summer with The BFG.

If organizing a book club doesn’t appeal to you look into summer reading programs at your local library or Half Price books. If your child doesn’t  mind reading but you have trouble enforcing daily reading time build it into your schedule to ensure it happens. For us we read in the morning after breakfast and before swim team practice, I am hoping to soon be able to sit and read too as I am enforcing the reading rule with everyone.

If finding books your child enjoys is hard, don’t give up they are out there. Our school uses the AR system (Accelerated Reading) so I looked for book lists on our local library website by grade then cross checked the AR level to find ones that fit my daughters reading needs. A love of reading is an invaluable gift to your child so don’t let them slide this summer, get them reading!

Kohl’s Has Everything You Need for Back to School, Even School Supplies! #Kohls101

Kohl’s provided me with a gift card to shop for backt o School essentials, all opinions are my own.
back to school with kohls


Kohl’s has always been my Back to School go to place, they have great back packs, lunch boxes and of course clothes and shoes. My kids wear uniforms but that doesn’t mean we don’t need new play clothes too and I love that Kohl’s has both uniform options and other clothes. This year Kohl’s went a step further and made themselves the perfect one stop shop for Back to School by adding school supply pop up shops. Kohl’s teamed up with Office Max to offer school supplies this year giving you everything you need for Back to School in one place, YAY!!!!!!!


school supplies at kohl's

kohls school supplies office max


kohls school supplies crayola


kohls back pack choices


I took my two school age girl’s to Kohl’s to check out the Back to School selection and we had fun browsing and trying on back packs, picking out folders and notebooks and even getting new shoes. It was so nice for me to be able to go to one store and get it all, it not only cut down on the time it took for us to go shopping but it was less stressful  since I only had to get the baby in and out of the car at one store!


kohls back to school gear



Not only did Kohl’s have everything we needed for back to  school but we saved a bunch with a 15% off coupon I was emailed for being on the email list and I got Kohl’s Bucks to spend. I decided my hard earned Kohl’s Bucks will go to a treat for mommy since she needs some new Back to School fashion too!



kohls lunchboxes



Not every Kohl’s has the school supplies and they are not available online. I found that the Kohl’ closest to me did not have the supplies but another one that is bigger and not too far did so you might want to call ahead to make sure your location offers school supplies. I know none of us want to think about Back to School just yet, but know that the next time you head to Kohl’s you can knock out that Back to School supply list too without any extra trips!

Tips For Enjoying 4th of July with Little Kids

I am a Rayovac Ambassador, all opinions are my own.
tips for enjoying 4th of july with little ones


4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, I love the fireworks, the parades, the laid back cookout atmosphere and the national pride. I love that it is a holiday that everyone celebrates because we are all Americans and I love my country. 4th of July as much fun as it is can still be difficult especially for young kids. Here are a few tips on ensuring your 4th of July is a much fun as possible.

So let’s start with the big one FIREWORKS! While they are beautiful and awe inspiring they are really, really loud and can be very terrifying for little ones. I kept my babies away from fireworks but when I took my preschoolers I was shocked at how upset they got. My kids were super excited, we went and set up our blanket and then the first firework went off. Well cue screaming, crying and us walking very fast back to our car. So what did we learn from this? Find a place where you can see the fireworks but not hear them as loudly. If you have a friend or family member who lives near where they are doing the fireworks ask if they can see the display from their yard or porch. We found out when we moved that we can see fireworks from our new house and now we invite others to our house and watch from the front lawn. It means we see the fireworks without the super loud boom. If finding a distant place to watch from doesn’t work then consider just doing sparklers at home or watching on tv.

Now let’s talk PARADE our community does an awesome parade that we attend every year. it’s the kind of parade that people place chairs roadside days before to ensure a good seat. So in order to make your experience fun with little kids keep a few things in mind. Get there in time to get a curbside seat, if your kids can’t see they won’t have fun. Pack sunscreen, drinks, snacks and bring a wagon or blankets for someplace to sit. Most importantly make sure the kids use the potty first and you know where one is in case the need arises, it is never fun to be running all over searching for a bathroom with a kid who waited to tell you until the very last minute.


4th of july kids


Finally it’s time to talk COOKOUTS. Cookouts are so much fun with family and friends and lots of good food but there are a few dangers to watch for with little ones. Cookouts mean grilling and that means hot grills, remind the kids of the danger and keep them away from hot grills. Another risk is firecrackers, sparklers and other small fireworks that people tend to enjoy at home remember to exercise caution and keep little ones away from fireworks. A safer alternative to fun at night are flashlights, kids love them and since Rayovac alkaline batteries are Made in the USA they are patriotic too. ( Rayovac also makes hearing aid batteries in the USA).

Hopefully with these tips you can help your little one enjoy the 4th of July festivities and avoid tears on a fun filled day1



Don’t Use Spray on Suncreen for Kids, Just Use Foam!

foam sunscreen

Did you hear the latest development on kid’s sunscreen? The FDA has warned that they are rethinking the safety of children’s spray on sunscreen so you might want to quit using it. I must say this comes as no surprise to me, I have always worried about the effectiveness of spray on sunscreen feeling like the guarantee of coverage is much less than with traditional sunscreen lotion. On top of that it makes sense that the FDA is worried about the ingestion in children of spray on sunscreen. Adults understand to hold there breath and not breath in the misted spray but our kids are inhaling it and what does that mean? Well the FDA says they don’t know what that means so they are looking into it.

As a mom of 5 the thought of rubbing sunscreen lotion into all those little people is enough to send me into a panic attack, but never fear I have a secret and you will want to know it…. FOAM. That is right Coppertone Sunscreen Water Babies Foaming Lotion SPF 75 for baby and Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam SPF 70 for kids. Coppertone Baby Foam Sunscreen and Coppertone Kids Foam sunscreen is a truly brilliant creation, not only is it it easy to rub in, but the kids will want to do it! The foam does not absorb too quickly so you can adequately asses proper coverage and it’s so fun the kids will love it.  So far the only place I have consistently found Coppertone Foam Sunscreen is at Walmart but I am always looking!

Fourth of July Block Party Ideas #4thofjuly

Fourth of July is a really big holiday in my community,with a huge parade full of floats from all the organizations, neighborhoods and class reunions. This 4th of July we are living in a new neighborhood and our new neighbors host a fourth of July Block Party. Every year my girls look forward to the parade with all the floats and the cookouts and I look forward to the fireworks ( my kids do not) and now we have a block party to look forward to as well. Growing up my street held an amazing block party right in front of my house that everyone loved. Part of the fun was always having great games and activities to keep everyone involved and enjoying themselves. Here are a few activity ideas that will appeal to all different ages and make your Fourth of July Block Party a hit.




  • Group Bingo. Bingo is a game that all ages can play, find a big bingo wheel set up tables and get the Bingo fun started. Prizes can be store bought or even homemade, maybe recruit neighbors to make yummy desserts to give away.
  • Bike Parade. As a kid I loved the bike parade, we had streamers and horns and funny hats then all the kids rode up and down the street in a fun little parade.
  • Water Balloon Toss. Since it is hot in July a water balloon toss is fun for all ages you could divide by age group and have a winner in each group.
  • Face Painting. Recruit high school students who are artists to set up a face painting table, the kids will love it.
  • Cake Walk. Everyone loves a cake walk and who doesn’t want a cake to take home.
  • Pinata. Kids love a pinata whether it is a fancy store bought one or a homemade one pinatas are lots of fun.
  • Squirt Gun Fight. Every year we had an epic squirt gun battle, it was so much fun and a great way to cool down.
  • S’mores Stations. Set out several fire pits ( to be manned by adults) and let everyone make deluxe s’mores from a table of toppings, we love using Reese’s Cups instead of traditional chocolate bars.

A simple way to do food is to divide the dishes by alphabet among the neighbors and make it bring your own drink. Here are some super easy and fun partiotic treats for 4th of July. I am looking forward to mixing and mingling and having fun at our Block Party this 4th of July!


How To Make A Summer Car Survival Kit

how to make a summer ar survival kit

Summer is officially here and that means it is time to update that car survival kit in your trunk (or under your seat) to reflect the summer needs! If you do not have one here is a quick and easy guide to get one in your car, you will thank me later!

Find a container that fits nicely in your car under the seat or in your trunk ( in which case I would make sure you have a lid) You can go as big or as small as you want depending on what you think is necessary for your kit, you can even use a spare diaper bag. My kit contains the following:

  • 3-4 diapers per child
  • 1 box of wipes
  • 1 seasonally appropriate outfit per child
  • changing pad
  • bottled water ( be sure to remove during times of freezing temperatures)
  • individually packaged snacks such as peanut butter crackers or pretzel bags
  • small toy or book (1 per child)
  • you may want a clean sippy cup, bottle or pacifier if these are in use
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • band-aids
  • baby carrier – I keep my Boba Air in the car at all times
  • Totseat – this is a must if you have one of highchair age
  • any other item you use on a regular basis that you may need a backup for

This back up stash has saved my sanity many times when I am gone from home longer than I plan or an accident occurs or any other number of occasions.

Do you have a car survival kit? What is in yours?

Spreading Happiness One Balloon At A Time #HappinessFloats

happiness floats project


Spreading happiness can be pretty addicting, in a really good sort of way. It can also be as easy as handing someone a balloon.

Balloon Time, a local Columbus company that produces the world’s best selling portable helium tank, is starting a movement to spread happiness all over the place by simply brightening a day with a balloon and a message. My girl’s and I jumped at the chance to spread a little cheer and began plotting and planning our cheer spreading.


happiness floats comgratulations balloons


Our first happiness victims were newlyweds, just a few days post-wedding we surprised the new Mr & Mrs with some balloons to celebrate the new marriage.


happinness floats delivery


Next we made balloons for several families in the neighborhood whom we love. The girls helped me write sweet notes to their friends like ” your smile lights up the room” or “thank you for your friendship”. We attached a little not to our bundles acknowledging it was from us and had every intention of hooking them to the front door and leaving.  Our surprise was foiled as both times we were spotted walking to the door but it was worth it to witness the big smiles. It’s amazing the power of a simple helium filled balloon.




You too can join the movement and spread happiness to those around you, one balloon at a time.  Pick up a Balloon Time portable helium tank and start filling balloons and delivering them leaving a wake of happiness behind you everywhere you go. Share your happiness spreading adventures using hashtag #HappinessFloats so everyone can enjoy the good cheer.